National Agriculture Day

Did you know that agriculture is more than just raising animals and crops? Agriculture is found in everyday items from beauty to opportunities. Agriculture plays a part in everyones lives, from city dwellers to the country folk. In Texas alone agriculture contributes to more than $100 billion to the economy each year. And that is not just farming and ranching but 1.8 million jobs ranging from journalism and advertising to commodity training. We as agriculturalist are involed in not only providing food, clothing, and shelter to the world. We are involved in environmental enchancements, education, and prosperity for the country and the world.

Check out the link below to learn more about Texas Agriculture.

And don’t forget to thank an Agriculturalist!


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Just a Little Beard Growing

As most of us know, Noverber is the month in which people do away with shaving to raise money for charities. Well here at Bamert Seed Company there was a little in house competition on who could grow the best beard for No Shave November. And if you have ever seen the Captial One Beard Growing Contest you will definitely enjoy the video below. The results are in, to find out who won follow the link below and enjoy!


No Shave November Before & After

The weather outside is frightfull, but oh the beards were so delightfull!

The men of Bamert Seed Company decided to stow their razors in an effort to raise money for a good cause. After a month of no shaving the men here at Bamert Seed Company raised $700 to be donated to St. Jude’s Children Research and the American Cancer Society. We are proud of our men for their dedication to the cause and for such wonderful beards! Congratulations guys!! We would also like to thank the wives and significant others for tolerating their man’s beards for the month!