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Cholla Cholla


Cactus Family : Cactaceae

Latin Name : Opuntia imbricata
Longevity : Perennial
Season : Warm
Origin : Native
Value :
Wildlife – fair
Livestock – fair

Remarks :

Common names include, "Walking-stick cholla" and "Tree cholla". Growth form from 3 to 9 foot height, sometimes forms dense thickets. Flowers May to June, petals purple. The stems and fruit are known to be eaten by man and animal. The stems with the tissue removed form a hollow cylinder with a frame-work of holes and meshes. The woody skeletons of this sort is made into odd- looking walking canes. The fruit is used for dye. Adapted to clay loam, sandy and gravelly sites of plains and prairies.


Bamert Seed

Bamert Seed