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Cholla (Jeff Davis) Cholla (Jeff Davis)Cholla (Jeff Davis)

Cholla (Jeff Davis)

Buckthorn Family : Rhamnaceae

Latin Name : Ceanothus americanus
Longevity : Evergreen
Season : Warm
Origin : Native
Value :
Wildlife – poor
Livestock –

Remarks :

This cholla is primarily found in the western portion of the Texas Panhandle. Flowers June to July, the small yellow to olive-green flowers are usually less than 1½ inches long. The common and species name davisii, is in honor of Jefferson Davis. This cholla is a low growing, much-branched cactus, usually less than two feet tall. The long, yellowish spines make this plant very conspicuous, especially when the early morning or late afternoon light shines on the spines. Gives off a "Golden" appearance.


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