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Much of the United States' prairie and grasslands have been converted to farmland. However, growing environmental awareness has led to government and private sector initiatives to restore and preserve these wildlife habitats. Bamert Seed Company offers a wide variety of wildlife seed mixes that are designed to thrive in specific environments and climates.

The success of native grass plantings and prairie restoration initiatives depend largely on the quality of the seed used. Every habitat has a large variety of native forb, legume, and grass species that animals and insects rely on for food and shelter. Therefore, choosing the right mix of plants is essential for maintaining a healthy ecological balance. Native plant species have evolved to survive a region's climatic and soil conditions, hence making the best plant selection for your situation is key to the success or your restoration project.

Bamert Seed Company is one of the most trusted names in native grass seed production, consultation, and distribution. From hardy native forb, legume, and/or grass seed blends that support erosion control efforts, to wildlife seed mixes that creates forage for local wildlife, we at Bamert Seed Company can provide the high quality seed you need for your projects.

Call us at (800) 262-9892 to learn more about our seed blends, and available local ecotypes.

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