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Property owners and conservationists are realizing the value of woody plants in ecological reclamation and conservation projects. Bamert Seed Company offers a wide variety of woody species for sale that are adapted to specific environments and habitats.

Woody plant species such as Sumac, Fourwing Saltbush, and Rabbitbrush, among many other native species, provide wildlife nesting areas, cover, and are extremely valuable as a food source. Woody plants provide food in the form of leaves, flowers, pollen, nectar, mast, and fruit. Birds and smaller animals can also use these plants as shelter during inclement weather or cover from evading predators.

As one of the most trusted seed providers for high quality native grasses, forbs, and legumes, Bamert Seed Company offers products with a wide variety of uses including prairie restoration (local ecotypes available upon request), wildlife habitat, wildlife food plots, reclamation, conservation programs, DOT projects, biofuels, and others.

View our full range of woody species for sale, or call us at 1-800-262-9892 to discuss your specific requirements.

Fourwing Saltbush

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