The key to great stands of native seeds is to buy high quality natives and to plant them correctly.  Whether you are planting for roadside vegetation, prairie restoration, conservation, erosion control, wildlife habitat or wildlife food plots, the methods you use to plant your native seed will determine the success rate of your native grass stand.


1) Disk or rototill soil 4 inches deep to loosen soil and kill all existing weeds.

2) Allow time for weeds to die and then pack soil with a harrow or cultipacker.

3) Native seeds come in all shapes and sizes and depending on which ones you use determines what type of planter is necessary.

4) The seed should be placed 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep because it is very important to place the seed under the surface to maintain good moisture during germination.

Variations to the instructions above need to evaluated and discussed, as different obstacles exist in every situation.

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