Plant of the Month – Croton

“Various species of croton are commonly referred to as “doveweed” which implies these plants are important to doves—and indeed they are.  Seeds of various crotons are common in crops of doves (and quail too!).  For the most part, these crotons are annuals (e.g., wooly croton, one-seeded croton).  There are at least 20 species of crotons, but only 2 of which (to my knowledge) are perennials.”  (Dale Rollins, June 2011 e-Quail Newsletter)

“This plant is a weed of disturbed sites, prefers sandy to sandy loam soils. Flowers July to September. Croton is a monoecious plant, it has both male and female flowers. The oil from the seed is highly toxic to livestock but provides a valuable food source for quail, mourning dove, and turkeys. The Hopi Indians and early pioneers used the plant medicinally.” (USDA-NRCS, Common Rangeland Plants of the Texas Panhandle)

Texas CrotonTexas Croton



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