I heard it once said that of all the exports (cotton, corn, wheat, etc) of the Great Plains the greatest of all has been its youth.  It’s sad to think about the wonderful talent reared on the Great Plains and then encouraged to find opportunities elsewhere in the county.

Agriculture is one industry that allows for a person to find a career outside of metropolitan areas.  As mentioned in the link below, Agriculture shouldn’t be stereotyped as uneducated, low-waged hard-work.  Agriculture will be responsible for feeding and clothing the world.  Agriculture has continually adapted to meet the ever-increasing population and limited water availability (both drinking and irrigation) in order to be able to feed and clothe our world.  Technological advances have allowed for the Agriculture industry to continue meeting the growing demand.  Therefore, the technology job market within the Agriculture industry has grown dramatically.  By some projections the job market demand within the agriculture industry will not be able to be met because of the limited number of people pursuing an education in an agriculture field.

Agriculture is an industry that primary and secondary academia should encourage not discourage!

You don’t have to farm to enjoy a career in agriculture


by: Rhett Kerby

Sales and Marketing Manager