Who says native plants aren’t productive…

Bamert Seed Company’s Big Bluestem has been put to the test in North Carolina.  In cooperation with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Bamert’s Big Bluestem came to the forefront as the grass to have due to its high yielding capabilities and wildlife benefits.

In many areas producers are seeking alternatives to their introduced pastures.  Producers are primarily concerned with lowering the cost of inputs (namely fertilizer) while not sacrificing yield and quality.  Bamert’s Big Bluestem does exactly that.

The wildlife benefits to planting Bamert’s Big Bluestem are tremendous.  The big bluestem offers nesting cover for ground nesting birds while offering loafing cover for fawns.

Pictured here is Bamert’s Big Bluestem producing 130 5×4 round bales on 25 acres with exceptionally low input costs.

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Rhett Kerby, MS
Sales and Marketing Manager


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