Helping Students Learn about Pollinators

Here at Bamert Seed Company we believe in the education of future generations about the importance of conservation and working the land. We were excited to get the opportunity to do so when Barnwell SWCD asked if we would like to help the students at Blackville Macedonia Elementary learn about nature and its many splendors.

Fifth grade student at Blackville Macedonia Elementary school got a hands-on experience about the importance of pollinators for a vegetable garden that they planted. The students prepared a raised seed bed for pollinators among their vegetable garden to attract multiple pollinators in the spring.

The Bird & Butterfly Mix that we donated will help the students learn about the different pollinator species; learn about wildflower plant growth; and witness the benefits of wildflowers and pollinators.B&B Students

[avatar user=”admin” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]by Gretchen Adams, M.S.[/avatar]

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