The Painter’s Image

The soft swish of the brush against the canvas slowing brings to life the image before the painter. The slow and steady hand of the painter glides gently over the canvas creating the perfect image before the painter. This perfect image is the one and only that can preserve such beauty forever frozen in time. The painter delivers the last stroke of the brush with precision and care, and as she steps back the full magnitude of the beauty that was captured is illuminated. The image is as if every color on her palette was made from the flowers that stretch out before her canvas. The bright yellows of the sunflowers, bright reds of the Indian blankets, and bright blues of the blue bonnets are illuminated in the afternoon sun. This painting expresses in every color, stroke, and brush the passion that nature has to offer.

It is images like the one created by the painter that truly do help us to see just how beautiful nature is. Nature is full of color and thriving life, sometimes we need only to take a step back from the canvas to really appreciate her beauty. Sales Professional, Carolyn Harris does just that and that is why she chose Maximilian Sunflower as her favorite native plant.

Maximilian Sunflower is a tall, warm-season forb. It is found in many different soil types and of course sunny locations. A member of the true sunflower family, Maximilian Sunflower is a typical seed found in mixes for rangelands as it has high quality forage for livestock.

Carolyn gave these reasons why she likes Maximilian Sunflower.

  • Maximilian Sunflower has a very unique growth pattern. As the plant begins to flower multiple bright yellow flowers form around the stalk, giving it a splash of color from every direction.
  • Before flowering, the plant resembles that of a shrub, which is why it is good on rangelands. Because of this shrub like appearance it a high quality forage for livestock, as well as cover for wildlife.

Sometimes when we look out at the landscapes before us, it can be shadowed by our opinions or lack of understanding. But when we take a step with a clear mind we see things in a different light. For instance the sunflower, it is always following the bright rays of the sun, never looking back at the shadows behind it. Pedro Calderon de la Barca once said “Light-enchanted sunflower, thou who gazest ever true and tender on the sun’s revolving splendor.” So lets us not only take away the appreciation of nature’s beauty but also the lessons we can learn from it. Look for the sunshine in every day, and appreciate the splendor that is before us.

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