No Shave November

Temperatures outside today have definitely reminded us that it’s November! Which also means that it is No Shave November for the men; and the men here at Bamert Seed Company are no exception. This is the month that men try to grow their beards out to the status of Duck Dynasty on A&E. All the while the women only deal with it because the proceeds go to a good cause. So after much convincing of the significant other the men here at Bamert Seed Company have put away their razors for an entire month, with the hopes of coming out on top with the best beard! Fifteen of our men have agreed to the challenge and the company will donate $50 per person to the charity of their choice. So we would like to wish them Good Luck in their endeavors!

No Shave

[avatar user=”admin” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]by Gretchen Adams, M.S.[/avatar]

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