Cyber Monday Sale

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It’s that time of year again, when people are bustling from shop to shop or browsing website to website to find the best deals and get all of the items that their loved ones want. During this busy holiday season, it’s not typical that one would consider native grasses for a loved one or maybe even for themselves. But it is the perfect time to consider native grasses as a gift. Do you a loved one who is maybe the avid hunter looking to pull in the big bucks? Why not get that special someone seed for their food plot, much like our Rack’em & Rut’em Blend or maybe ever our Spring Turkey, Quial, and Deer Blend. Maybe you have a big DIY’er in the family and they want to redo a yard or garden. We have the perfect items just for them. We have everything from Buffalograss to wildflower blends for all of their yard or garden plans. So whether you are trying to find a gift for your hunter or gardener, Bamert Seed Company has all of your seed needs in one place.

This Cyber Monday, Bamert Seed Company is offering 10% off your entire order and free shipping. So hurry before it’s over! Use code CMBS

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