Right of Way Reclamation.


Have you ever driven by a roadside construction area and all there is bare ground? Maybe you have driven through oil country and saw a long wide stretch of bare ground where a pipeline has just been installed. Do you ever ask yourself “Why don’t they plant something on that?” Well, the truth is most companies who are involved in land disturbing practices actually do go back and reclaim the land.

Companies are using native grass seeding to help stabilize the soil, reduce erosion, and to have a natural look. Many companies are going back to the job sites and restoring the land with native grasses. Although a lush landscape is not instantaneous, most of, if not all reclamation projects are dryland planted and depend on Mother Nature to provide all the necessary rainfall for establishment and growth.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture definitely captured a successful reclamation project. Planted is a blend of Blue Grama, Sand Dropseed, Fourwing Saltbush, Mexican Hat, and Sideoats, located near the Las Cruces, New Mexico area.
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