Awnless Bush Sunflower




Awnless Bush Sunflower

Sunflower : Asteraceae

Latin Name: Simsia calva
Longevity: Perennial
Season: Warm
Origin: Native
Value: Wildlife – poor
Livestock – good


Awnless Bush Sunflower is an upright, multi-branched, spreading forb 1% to 3 feet tall, which is semi-woody, with a large woody or fleshy taproot. Leaves are opposite, somewhat triangular in shape with irregular, shallow lobes or coarse teeth and small leaf-like appendages at the base. Flowers are composites, 1% to 2 inches across, with 15-20 yellow rays that are 5-toothed on the end, and yellowish centers. Fruit is a flattened achene, sometimes with two awns.

Plateau is able to establish and persist, under droughty conditions and has potential for inclusion in mixtures for reseeding surface-mined lands and critically eroded areas.


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