If you’re looking for low-maintenance turfgrass for your lawn, Buffalograss should be considered. The need for irrigation is less than the typical Bermudagrass and Buffalograss will establish and thrive with little irrigation applications. The amount of water needed for a Buffalograss seed to thrive is significantly less than the amount needed by bluegrass or tall fescue seeds. Excessive water applications can lead to the potential of weed pressure or root rot.

Although growing in popularity for use in low traffic areas and as a substitute for bermudagrass and other non-native warm season grass types, Buffalograss is primarily used for range grazing, is an essential component of the shortgrass and mixed grass prairies, and can be used for all kinds of livestock. However, if it’s newly established, grazing is not encouraged during the first season. Once the stand is established though, rotational grazing can be done to ensure proper plant recovery.

This type of grass is ideal for erosion control as well since Buffalograss sod is dense. The plants develop numerous tough roots that dig four to six feet into the soil, allowing it to hold the ground in place.

Grass Family (Poaceae : Cynodonteae)
Latin Name: Bouteloua dactyloides
Longevity: Perennial
Season: Warm
Origin: Native
Value: Wildlife – fair
Livestock – good


This shortgrass has both rhizomes and stolons. Leaves are sparsely hairy while the stem and nodes are without hair. Male and female plants grow separately. Female plants bear seed in bur-like clusters among the leaves. The species is highly drought resistant and is a dominant grass of the Great Plains. Adapted to dry prairies on medium to fine textured soils; occasionally used as a lawn grass, and commonly mixed with Blue Grama grass.


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