Bush Morning Glory



Bush Morning Glory

Morning Glory Family : Convolvulaceae

Latin Name : Ipomoea leptophylla
Longevity : Perennial
Season : Warm
Origin : Native
Value :
Wildlife – good
Livestock – fair

Remarks :

Other common names, “Big-root morning-glory” and “Wild potato vine”. Adapted to sandy or gravelly mixed and shortgrass plains, roadsides, and disturbed areas. Flowers May to July. This plant is related to the sweet potato. It has a very large, edible taproot. The taproot is ham shaped and usually 6 to 8 in. diameter and may grow up to four feet long. Bush morning-glory is very drought resistant, due to the very large root system. The Pawnee Indians treated nervousness and bad dreams by inhaling the smoke of the burning roots, and the Lakota Indians would consume the roots for stomach problems.


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