Eastern Red-cedar



Eastern Red-Cedar

Pine Family: Pinaceae

Latin Name: Juniperus virginiana
Longevity: Perennial
Season: Evergreen
Origin: Native
Wildlife – good
Livestock – poor


Flowers March to May with the fruit ripening September to December. Growing in all types of soils, on hilltops or in swamps. This juniper has become a major brush problem in Oklahoma and is quickly becoming a problem in the eastern part of the Texas Panhandle. This juniper suffers greatly from fire. Prescribe burning is a valuable brush management tool if used before the plant exceeds 4 ft. in height. The wood from this tree is used for novelties, posts, woodenware, paneling, closets, chests, and pencils. The aromatic character of the wood is considered a good insect repellent. The extract of cedar oil has various commercial uses. The fruit is eaten by at least 20 species of birds and opossum. Mockingbirds in particular like this fruit and will spread the seed over a large area.


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