Illinois Bundleflower




Illinois Bundleflower

Legume Family: (Fabaceae : Desmanthus)
Latin Name: Desmanthus illinoinsis
Longevity: Perennial
Season: Warm
Origin: Native
Value: Wildlife – good
Livestock – good

Growth is upright reaching a height of 1 to 3 feet. The small white flowers form a ball-like cluster and bloom from May to June. The fruit is a dense cluster of curved pods that are green when young and turn brown or black at maturity. The leaves are tough-sensitive, folding together when handled. This plant is an indicator of good range condition. A high protein plant that is readily eaten by livestock and wildlife. It is winter hardy and drought resistant. Adapted to clay and sandy soils on prairies, waster areas, open wooded slopes, stream banks, ditches, and roadsides.


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