Mullein (common)

Mullein (common)-00


Figwort Family : Scrophulariaceae

Latin Name : Verbascum thapsus
Longevity : Annual
Season : Warm
Origin : Introduced
Value :
Wildlife – poor
Livestock – poor

Remarks :

Also known as, “Flannel mullein”, “Great mullein”, and “Poor man’s tobacco”. Flowers June to September. The plant leaves are covered with felt-like gray hairs that break the force of the wind thus lessening water loss through evaporation. This plant has many historical uses. In the past, the flowers were boiled to make hair dye, and the leaves were placed in moccasins as insulation against the cold. Tea was brewed from the leaves for colds, and its vapors were inhaled for throat irritation. The early settlers would soak the leaves in hot vinegar and water to form a poultice that was applied to external irritations and wounds. In Mexico the leaves were smoked for asthma. And of course, there has been many a cowboy that did not have the luxury of toilet paper on the prairie that had to make due with the large, soft, felt-like leaves!


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