Texas Bluegrass

Texas Bluegrass-00


Grass Family ( Poaceae : Chlorideae )

Latin Name : Poa arachnifera
Longevity : Perennial
Season : Cool
Origin : Native
Value :
Wildlife – fair
Livestock – good

Remarks :

An important rhizomatous grass that grows in the cool season. The leaf blades are folded and resemble the keel of a boat at the apex. The seeds are on a narrow congested seedhead. Male and female plants grow separately. Male seedheads are smooth while female seedheads have hairs. Growth starts in the fall; foliage stays green all winter if moisture is available. Becomes dormant through the hot summer months. Reproduces from seed. The seed produced in the spring germinates in the fall. All livestock readily graze this grass for winter forage. Adapted to sandy and sandy loam soils of grasslands, margins of woods; not in disturbed areas.


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