Vine Mesquite



Vine Mesquite

Grass Family ( Poaceae : Paniceae )

Latin Name : Panicum obtusum
Longevity : Perennial
Season : Warm
Origin : Native
Value :
Wildlife – fair
Livestock – fair to good

Remarks :

The stolons of this grass may grow several feet long and have swollen wooly nodes. The brownish, round seeds lie close to the main stem forming a narrow seedhead. Forage quality is fair to good but this grass is seldom abundant enough to be a key management species. Generally, it is less palatable than most of the grasses associated with it. Therefore, it is seldom overgrazed. Grows mostly in small depressions or along drainages where water accumulates. Grows best on sandy to sandy loam soils. Also grows on clay loams and gravelly loams. Tolerates alkalinity fairly well.


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