Virginia Tephrosia

Virginia Tephrosia-00


Legume Family : Fabaceae

Latin Name : Tephrosia virginiana
Longevity : Perennial
Season : Warm
Origin : Native
Value :
Wildlife – good
Livestock – fair

Remarks :

Also known as, “Goat’s rue”, “Devil’s shoestring”, and “Catgut”. Flowers April to June. Adapted to sandy soils of plains, clearings and open wood stands. Roots of this plant contain rotenone, an insecticide and fish poison. In a weakened form, it was much used medicinally by the Indians and early settlers. The strong, roots were boiled by the Cherokee and a weak tea was given to the children to make them strong and muscular. Deer browse the foliage, bobwhite quail and wild turkey will consume the seed. This plant is nutritious and palatable to all livestock. It will disappear in heavily grazed areas.