Weeping Lovegrass

Weeping Lovegrass-00



Grass Family (Poaceae : Eragrosteae)
Latin Name: Eragrostis curvula
Season: Warm
Origin: Introduced
Value: Wildlife – fair (cover)
Livestock – good

This drought resistant bunchgrass was introduced as a forage plant on sandy soils. It will green up earlier than other warm season grasses providing early forage. The value of the forage decreases rapidly upon maturity, this grass will become tough an non-palatable at maturity. This is a high management pastureland grass. Due to the rapid growth and abundance of forage production, it is best to stock large numbers of animals during the early growth while it is palatable. If this grass becomes rank it then becomes necessary to shred or burn the old growth to allow livestock access to the new growth. Otherwise, animal performance will be poor on mature, rank stands of weeping Lovegrass. Responds well to fertilization.


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