Western Wheatgrass




Western Wheatgrass

Grass Family ( Poaceae : Triticeae )

Latin Name : Agropyron smithii
Longevity : Perennial
Season : Cool
Origin : Native
Value :
Wildlife – fair
Livestock –good

Remarks :

This strongly rhizomatous grass is stiffly erect. The leaf blades are rough textured. The seeds on the spike- type seedhead overlaps the next by one-half their length. Western wheatgrass appears blue-green in color, growing in colonies. Produces new growth from axillary buds at the basal nodes of the stems and at the rhizomes. Becomes dormant during the hot summer months; greens up in the fall if moisture is available. Reproduces from seed and from rhizomes. This grass is a valuable forage for livestock and wildlife. It cures well on the stem, making it valuable winter forage. Grows best on clay loam soils. Also adapted to well- drained bottomland soils and tolerates alkaline and saline conditions.


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